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Adoption is the legal process that gives a new family to a child whose birth family cannot care for him or her. The process is determined by the Child and Family Services Act (CFSA).  Adoption is intended to provide the child with permanence and security.

In Ontario, adoption can be arranged through Children's Aid Societies, private adoption agencies, or directly through the courts if the parent is a relative or stepparent.

The Simcoe County Children's Aid Society is committed to finding permanent homes for children in loving and nurturing families.  We provide services for people interested in adopting a child or who wish to seek information about a previous adoption (an adult adoptee or the relative of an adult adoptee).  For people seeking information on a previous adoption we provide an Adoption Disclosure service. 

Currently children of all ages and with various backgrounds are available to be adopted.  They come from a variety of cultural, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Some have very special needs such as physical or developmental challenges.  Some have emotional scars from painful experiences that they will need to deal with.  All have a need to be loved and wanted as part of a family.

Adopting a child is a life long commitment.  It can be a beautiful and rewarding experience for a family.

For more information on Adoption contact the Adoption Department by e-mail or by phone 1-800-461-4236.